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Market Insights on Digital Health Interventions in Musculoskeletal Care

Musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders encompass a wide array of conditions and have a significant impact on disability rates globally, affecting individuals, society, and the economy.

Treating these conditions comes with substantial costs. Given the widespread occurrence and growing burden of MSK disability, there is an urgent need for an effective and accessible healthcare approach at a population level.

Digital health interventions, such as apps and web-based platforms, can provide easily accessible, cost-effective, and scalable programs for patient education and self-management, addressing the time and resource limitations faced by individuals with MSK disorders.

This review aimed to assess the effects of digital health interventions on the outcomes of patients with MSK disorders, and the findings indicate that these interventions bring about clinical benefits by improving pain management and functional disability.

Furthermore, incorporating additional forms of multimedia support, such as phone calls, email reminders, and text messages, has shown positive results in terms of reducing pain and improving functional disability.

Key Facts

  • Digital interventions improve MSK functional disability and coping strategies
  • Accessible digital health solutions address the impact of MSK conditions
  • Further research needed to identify patient subgroups and intervention features
  • On The Mend's digital platform is an innovative solution for iOS and Android devices

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